Engage everyone, create change,
measure the impact.

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Diversity is harder

Creating measurable, sustainable behavior change is hard and is probably why we see such little progress on creating diverse and inclusive places to work.

  • People 'don't have time' to 'do D&I'

  • Initiatives are costly and time consuming to roll-out

  • Senior leaders don't take D&I seriously enough

  • It's almost impossible to measure the impact of interventions

  • That approach won't work here (insert reason!) - and there is always a reason!

Sound familiar!

        These barriers to change perpetuate the status quo and lead to organisations who:

Thumb Down

Have people who feel under-valued

Not engaged

Have a people who are not engaged and 'quietly quit'

No Innovation

Struggle to innovate

No Profit

Jeopardise their ability to generate profit

Reutational risk

Put their reputation at risk if they 'get it wrong'

The Solution

We can help you to create a diverse and inclusive business – to engage everyone, create change, AND measure the impact. 

We’ve been around for a long time – almost 40 years now! - helping businesses to implement measurable change in their business and become more inclusive.  

 We have decades of experience, but more than that, our approach is founded on research – we use the ingredients proven to make a difference, and we ignore the unfounded, ineffective methods sadly we see so many businesses using. We implement best practice NOT common practice. 

And now we’ve poured all that knowledge and experience into PK:DIGITAL, the game-changing way to create inclusion, belonging, and diversity in your business. 


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Unlike most approaches to digital learning, psychology is baked into our platform.  

PK:DIGITAL goes beyond simple knowledge acquisition. It provides learners with personal insights into how inclusive they are and generates tailored action plans. So you don’t have to worry about minimal impact – learners know exactly what to do, and they do it!  

With PK:DIGTIAL, you can forgo the trial and error of endless D&I initiatives and let our platform do the talking for you.  

Platform Screenshots

"The insights element is a game-changer and something that we can come back
to year upon year"

"The personal insights PK DIGITAL provides are critical for moving people forwards in their inclusion journey"

"It's music to my ears that there's now a digital option for D&I training - the scalable learning approach means we don't have to spend time organising workshops"

Bite sized learning
Personalised feedback
Tailored action plans
Powered by psychology
Engage everyone
Access anytime anywhere
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Ready to take the next steps to inclusion?

Do you want to......

  • increase diversity and belonging at your company

  • engage employees on how to be inclusive at scale

  • show measurable change over time

  • have a solution that is easy to implement

  • be satisfied that you work for an ogranisation that is fair

If so, book a demo with one of our specialists and let's explore together how PK:DIGITAL can help you achieve your objectives.

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